Haug happy with power over efficiency

By on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apr.27 (GMM) The Renault might be more efficient but Norbert Haug says he is happy with the perception that Mercedes' is the most powerful engine in F1.

Renault Sport F1, powering the Renault team as well as Red Bull and Team Lotus, claimed recently that the RS27 is "extremely good" in the area of consumption, saving 10 per cent more fuel than usual to burn through customer teams' blown exhausts.

The boast was a counter to the general perception in F1, pressed by Red Bull who have in the past coveted the German power, that it is Mercedes' V8 that is the best on the grid overall.

"I don't know the numbers of our competitors," said the Stuttgart marque's motor racing chief Norbert Haug, "but our engine as well as our KERS are repeatedly referred to as the yardstick in the industry.

"We haven't claimed this ourselves, but many have argued it," he told Auto Motor und Sport.

"That our competitors do highly competent work, whether they are called Ferrari, Renault or Cosworth, there is no doubt," he said.

But Haug then moved to counter Renault's claim that it is the most efficient engine that might be described as the best in F1.

"Using less fuel than your competitor is generally because you have less power.

"I think that in specific consumption, we look very good. In absolute consumption, for the reason I gave, maybe I prefer if we are not the very best," he insisted.

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