Hamilton urges F1 to reduce car weight

By on Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton has urged Formula 1's bosses to reduce the weight of the cars and labelled plans to make them 20kg heavier "ridiculous."

Under proposed 2017 regulations, the weight of Formula 1 cars could rise from 702kg to 722kg, with a 5kg potentially coming through increased tyre size.

Formula 1 cars weighed 595kg when Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut in 2007 and has criticised the sport's plans to increase the weight once more.

"The last few days I’m driving these tyres," Hamilton explained. "I’m thinking to myself ‘why is it so difficult? What are the physical challenges with Pirelli? Why is the car sliding the way it does?’

"And I’m just realising when I got to Formula 1 I think the car was 600kg. Now it’s 100kg heavier. I think that makes a big, big difference.

"They don’t actually have to change the regulations much to make the cars three seconds faster, they just need to make the cars lighter. They’re just super heavy, way too heavy."

When pressed further on the potential increase of 20kg, Hamilton said: "I think that’s ridiculous personally."

"They were great at 600kg, nice and nimble, it was easier for the tyres, we had less tyre blow outs. The heavier you make the car, the more force on the tyres.

"So the tyres are going to feel even worse. Just puts more stress on Pirelli I guess to produce better tyres. More downforce - as I said, I have my opinions about it…"

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