Hamilton title unlikely as Red Bull wing it in Spain

By on Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22 (GMM) Such is Red Bull's dominance at present that the RB7 can grip the fast final corner in Barcelona with its 'DRS' rear wing wide open.

"Yep," confirmed pole sitter Mark Webber, whose qualifying lap was a full second quicker than Lewis Hamilton, the nearest non-Red Bull runner.

In Spain, Red Bull was the only team able to use 'DRS' in corners during practice and qualifying.

"The car is good, no question about it. We have a good car aerodynamically, there is no secret about it, and we know how to get the car to perform well in most conditions," said Australian Webber.

Hamilton revealed that, at the wheel of his MP4-26, he managed to take the same corner at full throttle, even though it was "quite difficult" to handle with the DRS flap closed.

"A slight difference in downforce," the Briton said sarcastically, "but that's actually good because it gives an indication of how much downforce they (Red Bull) have," he added.

The DRS can only be used on the straight on Sunday, so when asked if he has a chance of winning the race Hamilton answered: "The old circuit is still there, the last two corners, so I could maybe skip the chicane and match their pace, maybe," he joked.

"Otherwise, no."

The 2008 world champion admitted his chances of securing a second title this year are also slim.

"Sebastian is not only in front in the standings but the Red Bull (car) is a long way in front technically," Hamilton said in an interview with Die Welt newspaper.

"In terms of the championship, for me, it will be difficult.

"At the moment it's realistic to try in every race to finish on the podium. It's possible that in the next few races we can catch up, but you have to say it's a bit unlikely."

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