Hamilton says 'who knows' on future beyond 2012

By on Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apr.17 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton adopted a new tactic on Saturday as speculation about his future threatens to race out of control.

Earlier in Shanghai, the media interpreted some of the 2008 world champion's comments as a warning to McLaren that he is on the hunt for a new team.

Hamilton hastily corrected the record, and then had a humorous answer ready when he sat down for an interview with Italy's La Stampa.

Asked if Ferrari might be his potential future employer, the 26-year-old said: "Anything is possible. I could change my earrings, grow my hair long, or start dressing like Schumacher.

"Who knows?" the Briton added.

Hamilton confirmed that his current contract with McLaren expires at the "end of 2012".

Team boss Martin Whitmarsh said in China that he would like to keep Hamilton paired with Jenson Button through 2017.

"My heart tells me to stay here," answered Hamilton. "I first came to McLaren when I was 11. I want to be the most successful driver with this team and I'm glad they want to keep me."

As for how he has changed since 2007, when he threw away the title in the slippery Shanghai pit entry, Hamilton said: "I make fewer mistakes and stupid decisions now, relying on experience rather than just instinct."

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