Hamilton says Red Bull wings still flexing

By on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar.29 (GMM) 2011 could be set to stage a repeat of last year's flexible front wing saga.

As Red Bull dominated the pace with its ultimately title-winning RB6 in 2010, rivals pushed for better scrutineering checks after noticing the extremities of the front wing bending towards the track.

That phenomena was spotted again in Melbourne last weekend, as were Red Bull's mechanics repairing the endplates after they bottomed on the asphalt and kerbs.

"Have you seen Vettel's front wing?" Bild newspaper in Germany quotes Lewis Hamilton - who estimated the performance advantage at half a second - as saying.

"Either we close the loophole or everyone will copy it," the McLaren driver reportedly added.

Red Bull's motor sport consultant Helmut Marko replied: "It was the same thing last year. They try it over and over, but we pass the tests every time."

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