Hamilton says Ferrari will have best 2014 driver line-up

By on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lewis-HamiltonMercedes driver Lewis Hamilton believes that championship rivals Ferrari will boast the best driver line-up in 2014.

Ferrari has signed Kimi Raikkonen to race alongside Fernando Alonso, in place of current driver Felipe Massa.

Hamilton believes that the replacement of Massa, the man he fought for the 2008 title, with Raikkonen means that Ferrari has the strongest driver line-up.

"This year we can beat them in the constructors' [title] but at the end of the day it is going to be a stronger team. Kimi is driving sensationally well this year, so I assume he will do the same next year. Fernando is driving sensationally well."

In spite of Mercedes being the only team to have both drivers, Hamilton and team-mate Nico Rosberg, win races in 2013, the Brit believes their rivals will have the stronger line-up.

"They talk about us having the strongest driver line-up, and now I think it has switched over to them."

Hamilton added that he is interested in how the dynamic between the two world champions will play out next season.

"I think it is great. You have two of the best drivers in one team at Ferrari. It is interesting to see the dynamics and how it will play out. I will sit back and watch...I am not going to say anything to add to any suggestions!"

He also downplayed suggestions that Alonso could struggle to cope with a team-mate of Raikkonen's calibre.

"I feel we have both grown and matured quite a lot," Hamilton said, referring to his rivalry with Alonso in 2007. "Our relationship, as you know, has improved quite a lot. I am sure he has had a great relationship with Felipe and I assume he will have the same with Kimi."

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