Hamilton says degredation is "massive"

By on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lewis Hamilton told the gathered media in Valencia that tyre degredation for the new Pirellis is "massive"

"The programme today was really to understand the tyres. Clearly, we’re in the old car, but with low downforce, really just to get an idea of how the tyres behave and how you can look after them and make them work over a period of time.

It was quite easy to get into but they’re not easy to drive. They fall off quite quick and over a long run it’s interesting.

We learned a lot about the tyres, and good set-up changes which have helped make the tyres last longer and overall it’s positive. Jenson, tomorrow, will do another programme which should improve our understanding even more.

I think now it looks like there’s quite big differences between each compound. Or so it seems.

Obviously last year we had one pit stop and now the degradation is massive on these tyres. It might be for some people they have to do two or three pit stops, for example.

Which I think is quite good. I didn’t actually like doing one pit stop last year, I think it wasn’t as exciting as it has been in the past when we did two pit stops or three pit stops.

So I’m hoping that we have to do a more this year, it adds a little bit more excitement to it."

Hamilton also commented on the new moveable rear wing, which he has been testing in the simulator

"In the simulator it feels quite cool. It’s quite easy to use.

When we had KERS it was quite a lot to think about and do during the lap because they segment it, you have one hundred percent and they’d say “out of turn two use 20 percent and out of turn six use 45 percent”. They’d break that up into four or five times so during the lap you’re always having to look at the dashboard. You really have to focus extra-hard.

Now we have that and the rear wing. But for us we’ve figured out a way which works quite well."

Jenson Button will test the MP4-25 tomorrow

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