Hamilton on right track with girlfriend split

By on Monday, October 24, 2011

Lewis Hamilton's split with pop star girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger will make him a better man and driver.

That is the claim of the 2008 world champion's father, following the news that Pussycat Dolls singer Scherzinger and Hamilton, 26, have parted after a four-year relationship.

The split would explain Hamilton's foul mood in Korea just over a week ago, towards the end of arguably the Briton's worst ever season in his professional career.

But Anthony Hamilton, despite no longer managing his son's career, indicated the McLaren driver is now steering onto the right track.

"He's turned a corner in everything he's done, his life, his loves and his love of motor sport. Next year is going to be interesting," he is quoted as saying by the Mirror.

"You've only seen a young Lewis Hamilton. Now Lewis Hamilton the man is coming," added Hamilton Snr.

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