Hamilton lucky to escape Bahrain penalty says Whiting

By on Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo credit: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton on Friday was told he was lucky to escape penalty in Bahrain.

Nico Rosberg's defensive driving got the lion's share of the media attention three weeks ago, but in fact it was Hamilton's pass on the Mercedes that was a more contentious topic during Friday's drivers' briefing in Barcelona.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport reported that the topic was discussed between the drivers and the FIA's Charlie Whiting for no less than fifty minutes.

"In the end, it was resolved that Rosberg did nothing wrong. Lewis Hamilton was (unofficially) reprimanded.

"Charlie Whiting said the McLaren driver was lucky not to have been punished."

The report said Whiting warned the drivers that similar cases, in which passes are made with four wheels off the circuit, will be penalised.

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