Hamilton: "I enjoyed every little bit!"

By on Friday, August 31, 2012

Despite the wet weather in Spa Francorchamps, Lewis Hamilton was in an upbeat mood following Friday practice.

“It’s been incredibly wet today – there were lots of rivers running across the track and lots of aquaplaning, so you had to be very wary out there. There’s no real benefit to be gained from pushing the car, but there are always things we can learn, so we did a couple of installation laps to check the effects of the upgrades we’ve brought to this race and see how the tyres switch on in the wet."

Hamilton admitted that Saturday will be a challenge for all of the teams, with just a 60 minute session before qualifying.

“It’s going to be challenging tomorrow, but everyone is in the same boat – no joke intended! If it dries out, the track will be green in the morning, so you’ll be setting the car up during a couple of runs in FP3.

“Nevertheless, it’s great to be back out on track. A Formula 1 car would be fun to drive even if it were snowing, so I just enjoyed every little bit of lap I had.”

Team-mate Jenson Button pointed out how the different tarmac across the circuit affects the handling of the car in wet conditions.

"For most of the lap, you’re not really pushing – then, halfway down the Kemmel straight, it suddenly gets wetter. It’s a different type of asphalt, which doesn’t drain as well. As soon as you hit that, you feel the car slow down and then it starts to spin its wheels.


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