Hamilton happy with qualifying lap

By on Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lewis Hamilton has said that he is very happy with his qualifying lap for the US Grand Prix.

Hamilton split the Red Bull drivers, with a time fractionally slower than Sebastian Vettel.

"I'm very, very happy with my lap. I saw in Q2 they were massively quicker, a second or nine tenths. I didn't know where I would find that. I went into Q3 and pushed as hard as I could, and found everything. I found more time in the last sector. I did two laps consecutively and surprisingly the second lap was quicker", he said.

"On that lap I was on the limit everywhere. I think I lost about a tenth at the last corner - I gained it on the way in and lost it on the way out - but still I'm really, really happy to be where I am."

Hamilton added that Turn One isn't a concern, but the dirty side of the grid is.

"I am not really concerned about the first corner, I'm more concerned about the dirty side of the grid. I did a launch from it in P3 and it is quite slippery. It is so wide in Turn 1, I don't think much can go wrong, then again, I might be wrong!"

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