Hamilton had no doubts over Mercedes stay

By on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

World Champion Lewis Hamilton says he never doubted the fact that he would remain with Mercedes, after it was announced that the Briton had extended his contract.

Hamilton will remain with the squad until at least 2018 after confirming a three-year deal earlier on Wednesday.

"There was never any doubt, honestly," he said. "I was led to believe that the team wanted to continue with me and naturally with the success we’ve had and the relationship we have, it felt certain.

"That’s why I never felt like a) I’ve got to sign on the dotted line now – kind of took my time and didn’t feel like I ever had…I wasn’t being challenged elsewhere by another driver."

Hamilton says that there was no reason for the delay in the announcement, as there was no rush to agree the deal.

"We started conversations in February," he said. "I took my time some weeks I thought about it, some weeks I didn’t. I never felt there was a particular rush.

"I had this year when I was still contracted so it wasn’t a case where I was studying it every single day. I would kind of go way from it, come back to it, go away from it, come back to it and just took my time really."

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