Hamilton feels he is still adrift in standings

By on Thursday, July 28, 2016
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Lewis Hamilton says he still feels as if he is behind Nico Rosberg in the title standings due to his precarious engine situation, following woes across the first few races of the campaign.

Hamilton is onto his fifth Turbocharger and MGU-H and has already accepted that he is likely to face starting from the back in either Belgium or Italy, due to the penalties for using new engines.

Hamilton leads Rosberg by six points in the championship after triumphing in Hungary but says that his position does not yet feel advantageous.

"For sure, entering the summer break not 43 points behind is important, but it doesn't really make... everyone is asking how it feels this weekend, but it doesn't feel any different," he commented.

"I want to win this weekend, just as much as I wanted to last weekend. If anything, I want to win more than I did last weekend, because it was pretty shit in general in terms of performance.

"I want to improve on that and I know I can. I did it at Silverstone and in previous races.

"I feel like I'm still chasing... I've got fewer engines, so I know I've still got a steep hill ahead of me.

"Whilst I'm ahead, I'm not really ahead, because I'm going to start last somewhere, at least at one race I'm going to start last, so I'm actually still behind, but very close."

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