Hamilton beats Vettel to pole

By on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lewis Hamilton will start the United States Grand Prix on Sunday from pole position after recording the fastest time during qualifying. His fast lap of 1:33.108 was .239 of a second better than runner-up Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari and it set a new all-time fastest lap at Circuit of the Americas. This is Hamilton’s 72nd career Formula One pole, his 11th of the season and third in a row.

"The team have done an exceptional job all weekend to filter the data that we have gathered and put the car in the right place. This is such a fantastic circuit – it’s really challenging, you’re constantly dancing with the car," says the Mercedes driver.

"I’m really happy to be on pole, but we know we’re often strong through practice and qualifying and have found the races tougher this year. I’m looking forward to a nice race tomorrow with Sebastian and Valtteri. This is a track where you can follow and overtake. I remember the race in 2012 when I passed Sebastian for the win – I hope he’s not that close tomorrow, but let’s see."

Qualifying results:

1.  L. Hamilton Mercedes 01:34.822      01:33.437      01:33.108
2.  S. Vettel Ferrari 01:35.420      01:34.103      01:33.347
3.  V. Bottas Mercedes 01:35.309      01:33.769      01:33.568
4.  D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:35.991      01:34.495      01:33.577
5.  K. Räikkönen Ferrari 01:35.649      01:33.840      01:33.577
6.  M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:34.899      01:34.716      01:33.658
7.  E. Ocon Force India 01:35.849      01:35.113      01:34.647
8.  C. Sainz Jr. Renault 01:35.517      01:34.899      01:34.852
9.  F. Alonso McLaren 01:35.712      01:35.046      01:35.007
10.  S. Pérez Force India 01:36.358      01:34.789      01:35.148
11.  F. Massa Williams 01:35.603      01:35.155
12.  D. Kvyat Toro Rosso 01:36.073      01:35.529
13.  S. Vandoorne McLaren 01:36.286      01:35.641
14.  R. Grosjean Haas 01:36.835      01:35.870
15.  N. Hulkenberg Renault 01:35.740
16.  M. Ericsson Sauber 01:36.842
17.  L. Stroll Williams 01:36.868
18.  B. Hartley Toro Rosso 01:36.889
19.  P. Wehrlein Sauber 01:37.179
20.  K. Magnussen Haas 01:37.394

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