Haas placing early focus on reliability

By on Monday, February 15, 2016
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Haas drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez reckon that completing as much mileage as possible will be the priority for the new outfit during next week's first pre-season test in Spain.

Grosjean will debut Haas' maiden Formula 1 car next Monday at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, sharing driving duties with new team-mate Gutierrez across the four days of running.

The pair believe that, with Haas starting from scratch, racking up the miles at the home of the Spanish Grand Prix will be vital.

"The first thing for the test is to get the car to run and to work well from there," said Grosjean.

"Hopefully, we can get a lot of mileage. This is a new team, so we need to get everyone to work together, all the engineers, mechanics and the drivers.

"We need to get as much data and knowledge as we can. It’s important to get the reliability sorted as early as possible because we don’t get much testing and we’re going straight to Melbourne."

Gutierrez, who is making a return to a race seat after a year out, concurred with Grosjean.

"We expect to run the car as many laps as possible," he explained.

"This will be our priority, as we need to be sure to sort all the possible issues we may have in order to fix them on time.

"It will be very interesting to develop our car set-up through the tests in preparation ahead of the first race. I am sure we will have plenty of work to do.

"At the same time, the most important thing will be to always stay together as a team in order to be very efficient with our progress."

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