Gutierrez pinning hopes on young driver test

By on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photo credit: Sauber F1

Esteban Gutierrez isn’t expecting Sauber to make a leap forwards this weekend as he pins his hope on improvements being made after next month’s young driver test.

Gutierrez, who won the GP2 feature race at Silverstone last season, has had a troublesome start to his Formula 1 career and has yet to finish in the top 10.

“Unfortunately this year, with the difficult situation right now, we cannot expect a lot more but our focus is to be consistent, to get the most from what we have at the moment and to be there to use our opportunities.,” he told at Silverstone.

“We try to improve, to get a certain momentum like we’ve had in Montreal. We are looking forward to the next few races and to the Young Driver Test where we can probably make a little bit more work,” Sauber driver added.

“We have some conclusions from the first few races and that’s quite a good approach into the test. Looking after those things we can experiment certain things in the set up to maximize our package and hopefully we’ll be able to bring some new things.”

“We know exactly what our weak points are and those will be a priority in the test. Having a better understanding, using a better set up to suit to what we need, having the time to experiment it - because during a race weekend it’s quite tide with everything and too risky to try drastic things.”

When asked whether the season had been more difficult than he expected, Gutierrez said “It is kind of what I’ve expected in terms of experiences. Obviously I need to improve because you’re born with talent but you also have to develop your talent, your abilities to do things better. That’s what I’ve been focusing on and my expectations are based on that.”

“Finding myself in this challenging situation, not only as a driver but also as a team, is quite an interesting experience. I’m not frustrated, it’s part of a process, but I’m trying to have a positive approach so that together - as a team - we can be able to get the positive sides from the situation,” he added.

Despite the difficulties, the Mexican believes he is improving as a driver with every race.

“Every race I feel more confident with the car, with driving. Communication has been improving a lot, my speed has also been improved. Now I need to be more consistent and that’s the point where I can focus at the moment.”

“My weaknesses are experiences and being in a position where resources are a bit limited. As a rookie we have no specific tools to try to accelerate this adaptation. It’s quite challenging but my strength is my motivation now. I’m focused and determined to do what is necessary to do to improve myself as a driver.”

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