Grosjean still plagued by car issues

By on Friday, March 22, 2013

Lotus F1 Team

Romain Grosjean believes that his Lotus E21 is still beset by issues.

Grosjean finished tenth in last weekend's Australian Grand Prix and felt that all was not right with his car.

"We’re still working on the setup of the car as it’s not quite right for me and it’s difficult to understand why exactly," he said.

"The new front wing does feel better than the one before so that helps. Kimi was running an updated aero package which looks to be an improvement so we know there’s more pace to come in that area, but there are still things we can do with the current specification once I get everything working for me."

"It was pretty hot out there – quite a contrast to Melbourne – but I felt comfortable and I’m looking forward to making some improvements tomorrow before we head into qualifying."

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