Grosjean pushing to beat Raikkonen

By on Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Romain Grosjean says that his battle with Kimi Raikkonen during the Korean Grand Prix shows that both drivers are extracting the maximum from the Lotus E21.

Grosjean was Sebastian Vettel's main challenger until the deployment of the safety car and was subsequently passed by Raikkonen, following a mistake from the French driver.

Grosjean finished the race in third place, behind Raikkonen, for the third time this season.

"If we’re fighting for the same piece of track and the same position then it means we’re both getting the maximum out of the car, which is a positive thing whichever way you look at it," he said.

"Obviously we’re both competitive, but our racing has always been fair. I made a mistake in Korea which is why he got past, but this is not something I want to happen again."

"The team’s philosophy is always to let us race unless we’re on very different strategies where one driver could hold up the other, and this is the right approach. Let’s hope we have some more battles for podium places and I’ll be pushing to be the one ahead."

Grosjean, who describes Suzuka - venue of this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix - as his favourite circuit, believes that the track is a judgment of a driver's skill.

"It’s a track that really allows a driver to demonstrate their feel for the car."

"Not only is combination of corners pretty relentless – so you never really get a rest – but the way the layout flows together means that the smallest mistake can make a big difference to your time. Get it right, and the feeling is amazing. Get it wrong, and you just want to keep trying again and again until you have it nailed."

"Each sequence is challenging in its own way, and you have to find the perfect balance to put a good lap together. Every track has its challenges, but Suzuka is a continuous test of a drivers skills and I think that’s what makes it so beautiful to drive."

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