Grosjean: "I got completely blocked by Hamilton"

By on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Romain Grosjean will start the British Grand Prix from 10th but claims that he had qualified at least one position higher if Lewis Hamilton wouldn't have blocked him. 

Grosjean moved into Q3 for the second straight race and the fifth time this season. His fastest time was a 1:29.549, which placed him 10th. Haas F1 Team says that an attempt to a better time ended when the Frenchman was held up by eventual pole winner Lewis Hamilton. Grosjean lost three-tenths of a second to the Mercedes driver and the matter was referred to the FIA race stewards for investigation. Ultimately, the stewards determined Hamilton caused no infraction.

“I’m not totally happy with P10," Grosjean said.

"The first run in Q3, I got completely blocked by Lewis Hamilton on the last corner losing me at good three-tenths. It cost me at least one position.

"With the second run I thought it was going to be fine, but I got to turn three and out of the blue I had massive rear-lock, so I lost almost half a second. I made it back over the lap, so I think we had much more performance than we were showing. I’m very unhappy with my first attempt being completely ruined at the last corner. Apart from all that, we were doing okay and doing a good job.

"It’s great to be in Q3 but there could’ve been so much more, so I’m a bit disappointed.”

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