Grosjean eager to blend speed with consistency

By on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lotus E21Lotus driver Romain Grosjean has said that he is out to prove that he can become a regular points scorer in Formula One.

Grosjean claimed three podium finishes in 2012 but his season was marred by several first lap accidents. He was also banned for the Italian Grand Prix after causing a collision in Belgium.

"I think everyone is waiting to see if I’m able to be consistent, which is where I was lacking a little bit last year," he said. "I know it and I’ll do everything I can to prove to people that I’m able to achieve this goal."

Grosjean admitted that he was overwhelmed by his first Formula One season.

"It’s tough to pick just one thing [that I learnt in 2012]. You start your career in Formula 1 thinking ‘Okay, that’s a new challenge, a tough challenge’ but then you work into the season and you think ‘Whoa! This challenge is even bigger than I thought!’"

"All the elements of a Formula 1 season including the travelling – energy-wise, managing the jet lag – the media and marketing stuff, the physical demands and preparation for driving the car are quite something. I know what I need much better now and that’s what I’ve learnt from last year."

The French racer is reluctant to set himself targets but knows that he has to do a capable job, not just for the team but for himself.

"I can clearly say I want to score a lot of points for the team – everybody knows that – but I think it would be wrong for me to say I want to finish in a particular position in the championship."

"I really want to jump out of the car as many times as possible thinking that I did a good job. Knowing that everything I could do, I did, and feeling proud of my race or session. I hope to feel that way as many times as possible this year."

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