Grosjean anticipated Verstappen apology

By on Thursday, June 4, 2015
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Romain Grosjean says he was disappointed by the manner in which Max Verstappen conducted himself following their collision at the Monaco Grand Prix.

After the two made contact Verstappen claimed that he was brake tested by Grosjean, an allegation which he repeated later in the week.

Grosjean denied any wrongdoing and his version of events was backed by the stewards, who awarded Verstappen a five place grid drop for this weekend's race in Canada.

Grosjean says that while he regards Verstappen highly, the Toro Rosso driver should have been more contrite after their collision.

"I’ve been doing mistakes, quite a lot of them, but I’ve learned from them and then I went on the podium," Grosjean said, referring to his errors in 2012 and 2013 which led to a race ban.

"So there are not any problems with having a crash or making a mistake in the race, I think the only key is to admit, learn from it and then apologise to the people you crash in to.

"We went to the stewards after the race and I tapped him on the back thinking ‘OK guys’ … he could say I’m sorry, rather than just going on to say I brake tested him, which is completely wrong because I actually braked later than the lap before. It’s just not the way we like things to happen.

"As I say, as long as you learn from them then you’re allowed to make mistakes. They sometimes happen but just learn from it.

"Max is really, really talented and what he has been doing is quite impressive, but he’s made a mistake. I just find it a bit disappointing that he doesn’t learn from it.

"Even this morning at the press conference he said he’s going to do the same thing and drive the same way. Formula One is dangerous, so you just need to keep that in mind."

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