Grosjean and de la Rosa escape penalty after collision

By on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Romain Grosjean and Pedro de la Rosa have escaped penalisation after their collision during qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Grosjean tried passing de la Rosa at the final kink and made contact with the HRT racer, losing his front wing.

The stewards decided that "The driver of car 22 [de la Rosa] felt that he was following his normal line, was aware that car 10 [Grosjean] was behind him and was aware of the speed delta. The driver of car 10 believed he had been seen by the driver of car 22 and that car 22 was moving aside to the right to allow him through", he said.

"Accordingly the Stewards consider this a driving incident due to the nature of the track but have advised the drivers, and the drivers agree, that this could have resulted in a very serious outcome".

Neither driver accepted the blame for the contact.

"I was behind Pedro for the whole lap," said Grosjean. "I was going to overtake him in a straight line and I don't think he saw me and pushed me into the barriers. I braked as much as I could, but we had contact".

"It was a dangerous manoeuvre because I couldn’t move aside given the track conditions", countered de la Rosa.

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