GP2 adopts Formula 1 tyre rule

By on Thursday, February 13, 2014
GP2 Media Service

GP2 Media Service

Organisers of the GP2 Series have confirmed that Formula 1's feeder series will adopt the rule stating that both tyre compounds must be used in the feature race.

The GP2 drivers race twice across a weekend, with the feature race usually taking place after Formula 1's qualifying session. Drivers must make a pit stop during the feature race, but from 2014 the option and prime tyre must be used in the feature race.

During 2013, several drivers claimed victory in the feature race by running two stints on prime tyres, which consequently scuppered their prospects in the sprint race due to having only a set of option tyres remaining.

GP2 tyres are supplied by Pirelli.

"Regarding the new tyre rule for the Feature Race, looking at how last season unfolded, we felt it was important that teams and drivers display their strategy over the course of both races, said GP2 Series CEO Bruno Michel.

"Just like in Formula One, during our Saturday Race, each driver will have to use both tyre compounds. I am sure we will see some great racing and interesting strategies again this season with even more enthralling Sunday races."

GP2's sole practice session has also been extended from 30 to 45 minutes.

"I am very satisfied that we could extend free practice sessions to forty-five minutes during race weekends," added Michel.

"The additional track time will most definitely help our young drivers learn the circuit, giving them even better preparation for the qualifying session with no additional cost for the teams."

The 2014 GP2 championship begins in Bahrain in April.

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