German Grand Prix venue remains unknown

By on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The venue of the German Grand Prix is still a mystery, with Bernie Ecclestone suggesting that it may not be decided until after the start of the season.

The state government in Rhineland-Palatinate announced last year that the Nurburgring was on the verge of bankruptcy after failing to make the repayments on a $370m loan following a major upgrade in 2009.

Ecclestone told Reuters last week that he was close to a deal with the Nurburgring - which hosts the race biannually - although such a deal may now be more distant.

"We have got a German Grand Prix but we don't know where it is going to be," Ecclestone told ESPN F1.

"We have got the race pencilled in. It's on the calendar. We can decide it once the season has started."

The German Grand Prix is due to take place on July 7th, but Ecclestone isn't confident about F1 returning to the Nurburgring.

"No. The trouble is that the people that used to be there have gone. They haven't got enough money. So we will see."

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