Gene: 'Innovation' set Red Bull apart in 2011

By on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

© Red Bull GEPA

One word has set Red Bull apart from its rivals McLaren and Ferrari this season: "Innovation."

That is the claim of Marc Gene, a test driver for Ferrari.

"I have no doubt," he wrote in his column for El Mundo newspaper. "It was they who came up with the blown diffuser and then hid the innovation from the other teams.

"I can assure you that the difference between running with or without the exhaust is huge.

"Aerodynamic innovations like this have dominated F1 in recent years, like the F-duct as well, and so I hope everything is more equal next season," added Gene.

The Spaniard is referring to the FIA's clampdown for 2012.

"The fact that we (Ferrari) won at Silverstone when the blown exhausts were not there makes me think that our car was not so bad," he explained.

Back to back world champion Sebastian Vettel, however, is not worried.

"No," he is quoted by O Estado de S.Paulo, "because I trust that our engineering group will respond with a series of interesting solutions.

"They are quite clever," the German smiled.

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