Gascoyne blasts 'boring' tracks

By on Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mike Gascoyne has slated the Bahrain International Circuit and the Yas Marina Circuit for their respective boring tracks. Whilst the 2010 season will be remembered as a thrilling one, it was bookended by dull races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

“You can make an argument that says, 'we had a cracking season last year and why would you want to change anything?'” Team Lotus chief technical officer Gascoyne told Reuters during testing in Valencia this week. “Then you could say, 'yes, but we had three or four incredibly boring races'. If on certain circuits you have cracking races every year, then why don't we stop going to boring racing circuits?

“The shame is that, Monaco apart, a lot of the races now that are really boring are all the purpose-designed tracks built in deserts where you could have done absolutely anything that you want. Bahrain and Abu Dhabi were the two most boring races [of 2010]. It's pretty disappointing that you've got two massively boring races on circuits where you had literally carte blanche to do anything you liked. You could have had elevation change or moved sand wherever you wanted it.”

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