France lined up as New Jersey replacement

By on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bernie Ecclestone is lining up a race in France as a replacement for the postponed American Grand Prix.

A race had been planned to take place in New Jersey on June 16th next season, but that has been put back to 2014.

Ecclestone revealed on Sunday that a replacement is being lined up, with the most likely destination being France.

"As far as I am concerned, yes. I am hoping. We are ready to sign; we have a pen and are ready to sign", said Ecclestone, who celebrated his 82nd birthday.

A French Grand Prix has been mooted ever since the race at Magny Cours fell off of the calendar prior to the 2009 event.

But there have been discussions regarding whether a race would be held at the aforementioned circuit or Paul Ricard.

"Which circuit they are going to use is one thing, and then who is going to pay for it, that's the bottom line is another thing", Ecclestone added.

The three week gap between Canada and Britain also represents no issues for F1's ringleader.

"If they are ready we can slot it in the calendar", he said.

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