Formula 1 - Grand Prix

By on Monday, July 30, 2018

This event has become a breeding ground for car brands. In order for your product to be sold anywhere in the world, it has to be advertised. People have to know what your product offers and why people should get it. This is evidenced by the Ferrari which has since improved its tech and design. From the last Grand Prix, the Ferrari was letting down its fans. But it came back with a storm this year. On the 21st of July 2018, it emerged as the champion. Mercedes lost to Ferrari with five-tenths on the straights.

Current events

In every challenge, there will always be a winner just like at us online casinos or any land-based casino. But then there are quite a number of factors that make people lose. Currently, there is a Grand Prix that is being held in Germany. There have been some resource issues and complications with India. They have been put on the list of those considered to be the best.

The brand has managed to push their name up the list by coming fifth place on the constructor’s table. But then knowing that they could have done better. India has been facing a shortage of resources and this has resulted in the slow performance witnessed by many. Szafnauer Chief Operating Officer of the Sahara Force India Formula One motor racing team commented on the issue, saying that this race needs you to be fully prepared and India force is not in that position.

You just don’t wake up one day and go and compete in the Grand Prix. There are certain things you are supposed to know. You might have all the resources but fail to use them. Like mentioned above that Ferrari did well in the race but then the racer also does matter. And it was reported that Vettel totally trashed his opportunity of emerging as a champion by pushing too hard in the wrong weather conditions.

If only he had maintained his position which was already the money taker he would have conquered. But yes the car performed well but he pushed too hard and ended up not getting the result that he was supposed to get. Even when playing online casino games at punt casino online it is important not to push too hard.

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