Fisichella in Bologna demo run

By on Sunday, December 4, 2011

Giancarlo Fisichella, the Scuderia Ferrari driver who races in the GT Championships was the guest at “Incontri della Gazzetta,” the usual chance for fans to meet motor sport personalities, organised by the Italian daily paper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” at the Bologna Motorshow.

Fisichella faced a barrage of questions about his winning run in the GT championships, as well as about the F1 season just ended, which he answered both as a keen observer and based on his long experience as a Grand Prix driver. “This year, Formula 1 did not produce the expected results for Ferrari,” said Fisichella. “However, the team never gives up and is already concentrating on winning again. We have everything we need to succeed.”

On the subject of his brief time as a Ferrari driver in F1, following Felipe Massa’s accident in 2009, Fisichella explained how difficult he had found it to adapt to a very different car to the one he had raced up to that point. “I was unable to show what I could do, but I am still proud to have been able to do a few GPs in Ferrari colours. The Maranello Scuderia is still the dream of all drivers and for me, as an Italian, it represented one of the most exciting moments of my career.”

Before leaving the fans, Fisichella took the time to give some good advice to a very young kart racer who asked him how he could become a Formula 1 driver. “Always believe in yourself and if you really want it with every part of yourself, you can do it.” At the end of the meeting organised by the Gazzetta newspaper, Fisichella met members of the Scuderia Ferrari Club who got him involved in a pit stop simulation. After that he headed back to the Ferrari stand where he handed out the prizes to the Challenge drivers who had been racing today.

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