FIA rubber-stamps V6 engine rules for 2014

By on Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jun.30 (GMM) As expected, the FIA has rubber-stamped the revised engine rules for the future.

The F1 Commission met recently and decided to scrap the ratified four-cylinder rules for 2013 in favour of a turbocharged V6 formula, to debut in 2014.

"The new power plant will be a V6 1.6 turbo unit with energy recovery systems," confirmed the FIA after a fax vote of the World Motor Sport Council.

A report on F1's official website said the new energy recovery systems, to be known as ERS rather than KERS, "are expected to be more powerful" than the current ones.

"They will ensure overall power outputs remain similar to current levels, despite an anticipated drop in the permitted rev limit," added the report.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport said the V-angle - 90 or 120 degrees - is yet to be specified, while the expected rev-limit will increase from the 12,000 proposed for the four-cylinders to 15,000rpm in 2014.

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