FIA pressing ahead with new F1 spectacle

By on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jun.1 (GMM) Opinions are still split about F1's exciting new formula for 2011.

Six races into the season, despite Sebastian Vettel's dominance so far, voices are either applauding the spectacle or arguing that the sport has moved too far in the direction of the 'show'.

"People are funny," Francois Dumontier, promoter of the next round on the calendar - Canada - told the Montreal Gazette.

"It used to be that they complained because the same cars were in front all the time. Now they're complaining because there's a lot of passing," he said.

The main reason for the 2011 shakeup has been the heavily degrading Pirelli tyres, but another factor is the new 'DRS' adjustable overtaking system.

For the first time, there will be two zones around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve next weekend where chasing drivers will be able to trigger their rear wings.

Asked if he backs the idea, Williams technical director Sam Michael said: "Most definitely.

"I think the way the FIA are controlling the DRS is perfect. Charlie Whiting is evaluating it race by race and adjusting it to suit each circuit," he added.

One DRS zone will be on the pit straight, and the other on the long run towards the infamous 'Champion's Wall'.

"That's already an exciting zone," said Dumontier, referring to the latter stretch before the final chicane.

"Imagine it with more passing there!" he enthused.

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