FIA confirms nine tokens for Honda

By on Saturday, March 14, 2015
McLaren Honda

McLaren Honda

The FIA has confirmed that returning manufacturer Honda will be permitted nine development tokens across the course of 2015.

Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault will be allowed in-season development in 2015 after discovering a loophole in the regulation which states that they can use their 32 tokens across the duration of the season.

Honda was initially informed that it would have to homologate its engine before February 28 - akin to its rivals in 2014 - but the FIA later backtracked and confirmed that McLaren's supplier would be allowed to use the average number of tokens unused by its rivals after this race weekend.

On Saturday the FIA confirmed that Mercedes has used 25 tokens, Ferrari 22 and Renault 20.

This means that Mercedes has seven tokens remaining, Ferrari 10 and Renault 12 - with Honda permitted the average of the three, which is nine.

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