Ferrari 'will have' flexible wing - Costa

By on Friday, April 15, 2011

Apr.15 (GMM) Ferrari is on the cusp of re-joining Red Bull on the path of flexible front wings.

The Italian team's cars had a wing that bent towards the ground whilst satisfying the FIA flexibility tests last season, but in 2011 the wing on the 150 Italia car is much more rigid.

Asked why Ferrari did not keep its flexible wing this season, technical director Aldo Costa said: "It was not possible with the new, more stringent test for measuring the flexibility of the wings.

"Red Bull, however, succeeded and passed the tests. We have studied the situation carefully and now we will have the same solution," he told Finland's Turun Sanomat newspaper.

In reality, Ferrari's problems this year - a lack of front downforce not predicted by the wind tunnel - are more serious than wing flexibility.

"We know what our biggest problem is, but solving it quickly is more difficult," the Italian said.

"We are trying solutions in Shanghai, which I hope will improve things," Costa continued.

"If they don't bring the results we expect, we have a big development in front of us," he added.

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