Ferrari: "We must do more"

By on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Luca di Montezemolo

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has urged his team to take a step forwards if they wish to deliver the 2012 world championship.

Montzemolo, speaking after Fernando Alonso's European Grand Prix victory began on a downbeat note, saying "I am worried and all of us should be.”

He then explained his reasoning for trepidation, focusing on the three races scheduled to take place in July. “Yes, I am worried, because I expect three very tough races at Silverstone, Hockenheim and Budapest and because we have seen that Red Bull is very strong, having had four tenths in hand over everyone in qualifying and in the race it was flying away, at least until the Safety Car. If we want to achieve our goals then we must make a step forward.”

Montezemolo added that "It’s thanks to your [Ferrari employees] work, to an extraordinary driver who, not by chance, drives for Ferrari, to the strategy, the pit stops and the efforts of everyone at the track and back home, that we find ourselves leading the championship, even if we don’t have the best car,” continued the Italian. “Now we must ensure we do everything as well as possible because winning depends solely and exclusively on us. It would be a big mistake to think the win in Valencia means we have done enough: today we have a competitive car, but to win, we must do even more.”

The Italian continued that he wants the rest of the paddock to know his team is working hard, "I don’t want outsiders to think that one win is enough for us to put on a fireworks display. I know how much you are working, how many sacrifices have been made, but I am the first to know that that all of us, without exception, must still give something more.”

Montezemolo praised Fernando Alonso for his performance in Valencia. "I would ask you to applaud a few people. Starting with Fernando, because after a race like that, it’s the least we can do: rarely have I seen him make so many overtaking moves and show such extraordinary determination from the start to the chequered flag."

Ferrari's president also wanted to show his support for Felipe Massa, who now lies a hundred points behind Alonso in the championship.

"Felipe, this time, not in order to encourage him as was the case earlier in the season, but as a sign of faith because he knows we are counting on him: we must give him a better and more reliable car so he can achieve the results that will be good for his morale and for the classification in both championships."

Montezemolo also praised Ferrari's mechanics for their speedy pit stops, and team principal Stefano Domenicali for "acting as a lightning conductor for all the criticism, protecting his people, while at the same time knowing how to demand the maximum effort, how to build a team and look to the future in a positive way and with the right sense of realism."

The British Grand Prix takes place next weekend at Silverstone, where Fernando Alonso claimed Ferrari's only 2011 victory.

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