Ferrari to run flexible front wing 'soon' - Costa

By on Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apr.10 (GMM) Ferrari is the first team to announce its intentions to follow Red Bull down the path of 'flexible' front wings.

Red Bull's rivals had hoped a new bodywork flexibility rule for 2011 would close the loophole that allowed the front wing of some cars last year - notably the title-winning RB6 but also the Ferrari - to bend towards the track.

Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa admitted Red Bull has run into the distance with the concept in 2011.

"We are going deeper in the evaluation of front wings and we will do a flexible front wing soon," he announced in Malaysia.

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn said 24 hours earlier that he believed Red Bull's approach was one of "concept" that other teams might now need to look into.

But he told Auto Motor und Sport on Saturday: "For conceptual changes, there is a limit to the resources you can tie up.

"You have to ask yourself whether it makes tense to change tack. McLaren have shown today that you can be fast even with a completely different approach (to Red Bull)," added Brawn.

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