Ferrari SF15-T: Front Wing changes in Barcelona

By on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ferrari introduced a new front wing at the last test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which was a c-change when compared to their previous specification (above). The front wing has been one of the Scuderia's largest adversaries in the past few seasons, as they've looked to ascend to the front of the grid again. This has been caused largely by their trouble correlating information between CFD, their own wind tunnel, the Cologne wind tunnel they rented and the results at the track.

The new front wing (below) has changes in every department, starting with a change to the mainplane, as it now forms both the lower flaps, whilst another outer slot is also present (highlighted in green). The main cascade has been reduced in width, losing the inboard serrations, in their place the team have added an 'r' cascade (highlighted in blue) which works with the cascades endplate which mimics its shape. The team have also added a gradient canard on the outside of the endplate to further shape the airflow that is drawn around the front wheel. These are all changes that have been made with the teams use of a blown axle in mind and albeit with a few small alterations is the most likely wing to be used by the team in Melbourne.

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