Ferrari president 'hopeful' of F138

By on Saturday, February 2, 2013

[singlepic id=8763 w=320 h=240 float=right]Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo is 'hopeful' that the team's 2013 challenger will be competitive from the start of the season.

Ferrari began 2012 off the pace although fought back to finish second in both championships.

"Yesterday afternoon, I saw it [the F138] and I defined it as “hopeful,” because I noted plenty of attention to detail, especially in areas where aerodynamics are key", he said at the launch of the F138.

"Why should I hope this car is competitive right from the first race? The answer is threefold. Firstly, because of the obsessively detailed review of the past season, secondly, the major changes to the organisation and work methodology and thirdly, the concentration on just one wind tunnel, which will be important, especially throughout this season".

Di Montezemolo once again emphasised his desire for a return to in-season testing.

"Track testing is not available to us, something many would like to see reintroduced, so we have concentrated more on simulation tools. Bringing an experienced driver like De la Rosa to Maranello is part of this strategy and attention to detail."

He added that he remains hesitant with regards to the new engines in 2014.

"A V6 engine is not part of the Ferrari tradition and in the name of the F138, we are paying homage to the 8 cylinder engine and the fact this is the last year we will use it."

"I continue to maintain, for economic, musical and power reasons that it would be better to stick with 8 cylinders. But the decision has been taken to build the V6 and if next year, there will be modifications that are in the best interests of Formula 1, then I will even be pleased to see this engine at work and in fact, I’m sure Ferrari is capable of building the strongest V6 in the world."

He also insisted that the decision for Alonso to skip the Jerez test is correct.

"The decision not to run Fernando in the first week at Jerez was dictated by the wish to allow him to stick to a very precise physical training programme. However, for the Barcelona test, attention will switch to performance, which is why Fernando will start then, rather than the first few days."

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