Ferrari Headquarters Struck By Earthquake

By on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ferrari have suspended work at their Maranello headquarters after an earthquake struck Northern Italy on Tuesday, with the centre of the earthquake only 40 kilometers north of Bologna. With at least 9 people already confirmed to have lost their lives in the disaster by Italian media sources, Ferrari thought it necessary to close their headquarters as many workers have friends and/or family who have been involved in the atrocity.

“After the earthquake, working activity has been suspended for today,” Explained Ferrari in a post on the social networking site Twitter. “All workers and employees have been allowed to join their families.”

Ducati have also halted work at their base, which is located nearer to the centre of the earthquake. They too explained their decision with a statement on their Twitter feed, “Ducati today is closed due to the earthquake. People are OK, we are verifying the factory. We feel very close to all the families and people that live near here for this difficult moment.”

This is the second earthquake to strike the same region of Northern Italy, occurring only ten days after the previous one and measuring a magnitude of 5.8 on the richter scale. Both major cities of Milan and Bologna felt the tremors early this morning, and has left people buried under the rubble. The Ferrari factory will remained closed throughout the remainder of the day.

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