Ferrari defends Massa decision

By on Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

Ferrari has defended the decision to retain Felipe Massa for 2013.

The Brazilian was confirmed as team-mate to Fernando Alonso on Tuesday and his contract renewal was met with criticism from some quarters, who felt that Massa had not performed sufficiently to warrant a contract extension.

"The decision to extend the agreement with Felipe Massa for another season was carefully weighed up and not just the obvious one", read a statement posted on Ferrari's website.

"Nor was it inevitable because of the lack of alternatives, nor was it in anyway guided by the wishes of his current team-mate, because Ferrari alone chooses its drivers".

The statement also revealed that offers from rival drivers were considered, with Lewis Hamilton last week revealing that his manager had preliminary discussions with the team.

"Many knocked on the doors of Maranello, some were considered, but in the end, a logical conclusion prevailed: there is no one better than Felipe to deliver hic et nunc [here and now] the speed, talent and capacity to work for the good of the team. The Brazilian’s career displays these qualities as does the fact that harmony reigns within the team, which is united and shows solidarity even in the most difficult moments."

"Fans of the Reds know the score: some decisions are made solely and exclusively for the good of Ferrari. The rest is all idle chatter."

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