Ferrari debuts Red Bull-like exhausts - report

By on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mar.8 (GMM) Ferrari got substantial upgrades for its 2011 car up and running at the Vairano circuit in northern Italy.

Autosprint said the "secret test" was to trial the "evolution" of the newly renamed 150 Italia car with Davide Rigon at the wheel.

Ferrari had confirmed on Sunday that Italian Rigon conducted an aerodynamic test on the Vairano straight, and that Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa would then get an early start to the Barcelona test on Monday for "filming".

Autosprint published exclusive photos of the 150 Italia's changes at Vairano, including to the rear wing and bodywork.

And the report said Ferrari's new exhaust solution is similar to the one seen on the Red Bull.

Williams technical director Sam Michael is quoted by "Red Bull are a half-second ahead of Ferrari."

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo told ANSA news agency: "Pay no attention to the testing times.

"Only two things are certain; we are very happy with our reliability as we are the team with the most mileage.

"And from the very night of the infamous missed kick without a goalkeeper in Abu Dhabi, I have seen a great desire for redemption. So I'm very confident," added the Italian.

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