Ferrari could scrap pull-rod suspension

By on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

The Italian press is reporting that Ferrari could abandon the innovative pull-rod suspension layout of its disappointing F2012 car.

The Spanish sports daily AS concurs, adding that the revised car could be ready as soon as next month, and certainly in time for Barcelona in May.

"Ferrari may even give up its revolutionary front suspension," wrote correspondent Manuel Franco.

Until the F2012, the pull-rod layout has not been seen at the front of a Formula One car since designer Gabriele Tredozi's 2001 Minardi.

Interestingly, Spaniard Fernando Alonso raced both cars.

According to O Estado de S.Paulo correspondent Livio Oricchio, Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni played down the reports.

"But I am not so sure the information is unfounded," Oricchio insisted.

At Sepang, La Gaceta reporter Carlos Miguel Gomez asked Alonso about the 'big step' for the F2012 that is being imminently planned by Ferrari.

"It is up to you to write that there will be a new car coming," the Spanish driver answered.

"It won't be just us: I think everyone will make updates at every race. We just need to make ours work a little bit more," said Alonso.

"New parts will slowly come at every race and hopefully they work, but there's not one magic race or one magic moment when we think things can change."

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