“Fernando is faster than you” – Team radios in F1

By on Friday, April 8, 2011

Team radios have only been prominent in F1 over the past decade, but here are some of the most memorable, funny and passionate.

Mark Webber: Fuji 2007

It was the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix and it was cold, very wet and rather dark as a storm gathered over the Fuji Speedway. Mark Webber – suffering from food poisoning – vomited inside his crash helmet but insisted on continuing. It’s remarkable how someone can concentrate on driving a Formula One car whilst vomiting mid-sentence and his resilience was rewarded when he was within touching distance of Lewis Hamilton and that elusive maiden win. However, under the safety car, the inexperienced Sebastian Vettel crashed into Webber and ruined both their races. It wasn’t the last time that would happen either…

Juan Pablo Montoya: Belgium 2002

In qualifying for the grand prix, Kimi Raikkonen got in the way of Juan Pablo Montoya. Never one to keep his opinion to himself, Montoya gave his opinion on the Finn

Rob Smedley: Malaysia 2009

A storm descended on the Sepang circuit mid-race in 2009 and Felipe Massa was worried about his white visor, should a restart be required. Rob Smedley delivered this classic…

Juan Pablo Montoya: Austria 2001

At the picturesque A1 Ring, a deer ran onto the track. Cue comedy gold from Montoya and a Williams engineer.

Mark Webber: Silverstone 2010

You’ve won the British Grand Prix, beaten your team mate after he messed up and triumphed in the face of adversity when it seemed as if the whole team was against you. Do you calm down the media storm? No, you simply give them more ammunition.

Rob Smedley: Germany 2010

Alonso had been complaining for 45 or so laps and then Ferrari gave the order to Massa’s engineer, Rob Smedley…

Jean Todt: Austria 2001

On the last lap of the race at the A1 Ring, Todt told Barrichello to let Schumacher through for the sake of his championship challenge. Promising it wouldn’t happen again, it subsequently happened twelve months later. Only this time for the win and in even more controversial circumstances.

Jenson Button: USA 2006

After a huge accident that eliminated a large swathe of the field, Jenson Button’s race engineer Andrew Shovlin asks Jenson Button if he needs a new front wing, to Button’s displeasure.

Kimi Raikkonen: 2009

This example is from Malaysia, but he said it several times in his final season. He doesn’t like being distracted mid-corner, so that might explain the WRC crashes…

Fernando Alonso: Canada 2005

During the 2005 Canadian Grand Prix, Giancarlo Fisichella was leading Fernando Alonso. But after 30 laps, Alonso had closed in on the Italian and was getting frustrated behind him. He did eventually pass him, but both Renaults ultimately retired.

Fernando Alonso: Brazil 2006

He gets rather emotional on his Renault farewell after winning his second title.

Mark Webber: Germany 2009

It’s taken you 130 races to win, so naturally, it’s rather emotional.

Sebastian Vettel: Hungary 2010

Having already expressed his displeasure at receiving a drive through penalty, his anger increases when he finds out that Mark Webber has pitted and emerged ahead of the eventual champion.

With all team radio being open to broadcast next year, there may well be more of these gems

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