Fernandes goes on the attack over Lotus name

By on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fernandes has dismissed Group Lotus as sponsors not a constructor

Prolific Twitter user and Team Lotus boss has used the social networking site to launch a scathing attack on Group Lotus and their sponsorship of the Renault team. His team ran under the Lotus Racing banner in 2010 but acquired the rights to use the Team Lotus moniker in 2011.

"Let's get a few things straight," Fernandes wrote.

"You set up a separate company from car company to protect car company from racing's up and downs.

"[Lotus F1 team] company goes into liquidation. Bought by David Hunt. Sixteen years no racing.

"Team bought from David Hunt by Nasa, Din and Tony.

"We are no different from Ron Dennis at McLaren.

"End of story.

"Ron Dennis didn't start McLaren, Bruce McLaren did.

"Proton and [current Group Lotus boss] Dany Bahar didn't start Group Lotus. Colin Chapman did.

"What's the difference?

"Proton own Group Lotus and Din, me and Nasa own Team Lotus."

He also reiterated that Group Lotus' title sponsorship of Renault did not make the Enstone team's cars 'Lotuses', pointing out that other teams' cars were never referred to by sponsor names.

"Lotus Renault is a Renault, end of story," Fernandes wrote.

"McLaren is McLaren, not Vodafone and Mercedes is Mercedes not Petronas Mercedes or a Petronas car. End of story."

The naming dispute is to begin in court this week

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