Fantastic Interlagos excites Grosjean

By on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Romain Grosjean is eagerly anticipating the final Grand Prix of the season in Brazil.

Grosjean has raced at Interlagos before, when he took part in the 2009 race for Renault.

"It’s a fantastic track. It’s very, very nice and it suits my driving style so I’m really looking forward to it. The E20 could be very good there too and should suit to the conditions and circuit. Well, let’s hope so"!

"It’s interesting with its ups and downs. If I had to pick favourite parts of Interlagos, I would say the first and last corners; they are very fast and as a driver I really enjoy them! It’s an old style track so very hard to pick out a single element; I’d say everything is pretty good".

Grosjean also revealed that his numerous opening lap accidents this year have given him a new mentality to racing.

"I’ve learnt that you can over-compensate by trying to avoid any potential incident. We’re all racers on track so that’s what you do. I don’t want the reputation of being an easy touch and I’m certainly not an open door on track; I’ll fight for every position. I’ve left a memo: I won’t leave the door open, and I’m looking to race".

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