F1 world expecting much better Korea GP

By on Thursday, October 13, 2011

The F1 world can expect a much better experience at the Korean grand prix this weekend.

When the barely-finished Yeongham venue hosted its inaugural race a year ago, officials, drivers, team members and journalists bemoaned the sub-standard facilities and organisation.

Another bone of contention was the so-called 'love motels' accommodation, normally frequented by prostitutes and their clients.

"Last year, we had many difficult problems holding the very first Korean grand prix," race chairman Park Joon-yung told the local JoongAng daily.

"However, based on the experience and knowledge we gained last year, I am confident that the event this year will be much improved."

The early reports from those checking into their hotels and arriving at the circuit this week is that the situation in Korea this year is vastly improved.

"We're hoping for a slightly easier race this year than last. 2010 was very difficult for a number of reasons," said FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

The weather should also be much better this weekend, after torrential rain disrupted last October's inaugural race.

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