F1 teams warned before Shanghai race

By on Thursday, April 14, 2011

Apr.14 (GMM) F1's travelling circus has been given a couple of informal warnings from Chinese authorities upon arriving in Shanghai for the grand prix.

According to travelling media correspondents, the warnings were triggered by Japan's worsening nuclear crisis in Fukushima, but also the risk of drivers unintentionally ingesting the illegal steroid clenbuterol.

It is believed the chemical, used in some Chinese farms to speed up and increase muscle mass in animals, can also cause sickness.

Drivers have therefore been urged to use caution when consuming things like meat, eggs and milk.

As for the risk of radiation from the Japanese nuclear crisis, while radiation has not been detected in Shanghai, it is evident in some other parts of China.

Therefore, teams are likely to consume large quantities of their own food and bottled water this weekend.

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