Extra year would not have helped Honda

By on Monday, December 21, 2015
Fernando Alonso on track.

McLaren Honda

Honda chief Yasuhisa Arai says delaying its return to Formula 1 by a season would not have prevented it from enduring a difficult first year back in action.

Honda reunited with McLaren prior to the start of the 2015 campaign but endured a difficult year, placing ninth in the standings amid a lack of pace and reliability.

Arai says that Honda regarded 2015 as a learning year and it would have suffered the same setbacks had it deferred its return.

"If we waited another one year maybe there would still be the same issues and the same troubles we have had," Arai told F1i.

"Most of all now it is that we don’t have enough experience on the track, so it is difficult to fix or find out final solutions quickly.

"Then you make misjudgements or mistakes, but we learned a lot during the year in 2015 so it was a steep learning curve. Maybe if we had waited one year it would still have been the same."

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