Expanded DRS use still possible in 2011 - Whiting

By on Friday, April 8, 2011

Apr.8 (GMM) The FIA is still not ruling out expanding the use of F1's new adjustable rear wings in 2011.

Recently, Felipe Massa said he believed the governing body was considering making the 'drag reduction system' usable by drivers on both the long back and front straights at Sepang.

Ultimately, drivers will only be able to trigger the wings on the pit straight to aid overtaking on Sunday, as was also the case in Melbourne two weeks ago.

But Charlie Whiting, the FIA's highest-ranking official at grands prix, told the New York Times that an expansion of DRS is possible later in 2011.

"It is something we are certainly going to consider," he said, explaining that the problem at present is the complexity of the system.

"It is quite a complex matter to get a detection point, notification point and an activation point for one straight. So we've got to make sure that all the things are working first," said Whiting.

The Briton also cleared up any confusion about Red Bull's front wings, as rivals suggested the wings might be flexing illegally.

"We have conducted all our checks and everything is regular," Whiting is quoted in Malaysia by the Guardian.

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