Ecclestone to be questioned in bribery probe

By on Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mar.17 (GMM) German prosecutors are likely to seek an interview with Bernie Ecclestone as they investigate F1's 2006 takeover.

It is the latest development following the jailing in Munich of banker Gerhard Gribkowsky surrounding his mysterious receipt of $50 million, with German media suspecting it may have been paid by F1 chief executive Ecclestone.

British sources including Sky, the Telegraph and the Times report that Ecclestone, 80, is expected to be questioned.

The Briton, who has denied making the payment but is understood to have retained a team of German lawyers, was not available for comment.

It is also not known when the questioning will take place or whether it will be in the UK or Germany, but if it is the latter, Ecclestone is likely to seek assurances that he will not also be detained.

The Telegraph said Ecclestone has not yet been contacted but will be "happy to assist with the investigation".

F1's owner CVC, who have also denied involvement in the Gribkowsky payment, recently commissioned a separate investigation into the takeover which reportedly cleared it of wrongdoing.

CVC declined to comment.

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