Ecclestone thinks more European races could go

By on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bernie Ecclestone believes that F1 will continue to move away from Europe over the coming years.

The 2013 season will feature just seven European races, the lowest figure since the 1960s when the season consisted of around ten events.

When asked about the direction F1 is heading in, Ecclestone told Sky Sports F1 that "we'll keep trying to move forward. We're a world championship".

"We'll probably lose two or three more races in Europe as we have to sort of move on".

When asked about Ecclestone's comments, McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh said that he'd prefer to see the current format continued.

"Bernie's responsible for the commerical development of the sport," he said. "But we can only race in European if people want us there and there's a lot of competition, a lot of places fortunately want to host grands prix".

"At the moment 20 races, now the majority are outside Europe is quite a hard slog for the teams. But I think it's Bernie's job to promote and develop the sport and I hope we stay with the same proportion of European races personally - but that's probably because I have to travel to them all!"

"But, frankly, Bernie's got to go out there and get the deals where he can".

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